Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did I receive a separate bill from Southern Emergency Medical Specialists?

A: When you go to the emergency room you will receive separate bills when you are treated by providers that are not Norton employees. Southern Emergency Medical Specialists are contracted to provide services in Norton emergency departments but are not Norton employees. Therefore, we must bill separately, which is similar to what other contracted services do as well (i.e., Radiology, Pathology, Ambulance Service, etc.).


Q: Why did my insurance not pay all of this bill?

A:  The answer to this question is a little more complex and can be quite confusing for many people. The amount you owe is determined by the type of coverage that you have. Here are some of most commonly seen plans-

Medicare–   If you have met your deductible and have no supplement insurance, then you will owe a coinsurance of 20% of the Medicare allowable charges.

Medicaid–    You will be responsible for any copays or spend-down amount as determined by your Medicaid plan. If you have Medicaid but were not covered at the time of service, then you are responsible for the entire amount of the bill.

Private Insurance Plans–   There are deductibles and co-payments that vary with the type of plan that you have. You are responsible for paying those amounts.

If your insurance has been filed and you are being balanced billed something other than your normal co-payment or deductible, we encourage you to contact your insurance carrier.  If Norton is a participating hospital on your plan, since you were seen for emergency treatment, then your bill should be covered in full less any co-payments or deductibles by most carriers. If we are not participating providers for your plan then your insurance carrier should process claim for 100% of billed amount, not their allowed amount.


Q: Can I work out a payment plan?

A: There certainly are options. Please call us at (502) 634-6767 when you receive your first bill. We will be happy to discuss those options with you at that time.